Why be a Sheffield Student Ambassador?

As a former teacher’s pet, it was almost inevitable that I was going to end up as a University Student Ambassador. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience, getting involved in the University community does pay off; here are a few reasons why you should become a student ambassador for the School of English…

  1. Countless new opportunities! Being a student ambassador has opened many doors for me, my favourite experience has been working as a Digital Student Ambassador on the Blog. With my wonderful co-writer Yzzy and line manager Claire, we have revived the SoE Podcast to interview many diverse and interesting members of the faculty. It has given me creative free reign to speak and write on topics that I am passionate about.
  2. Making Connections. As a little timid first-year student, I found my confidence to make connections with other students, old and new, whilst marshalling on Open Days. It was interesting to hear about their experiences and get their advice for the next years to come.
  3. Inspire New Students. On open days, I spoke to many new prospective students and parents who were looking to come to Sheffield for University. Sheffield is a warm and inviting place, I wanted
    to give every person that same reception. It was the best feeling to convey the love I had for this University; in the hope, they would fall in love too!
  4. Paid Opportunities. Undoubtedly, money does come into play for many students whilst studying, not all departments offer this. For myself, I have had a steady job with the SoE blog for the past year – whilst also being able to take on individual events. It has facilitated a good working-academic life balance.
  5. Confidence, in abundance. Being an ambassador for English has helped my confidence grow massively. I have been able to speak to countless new members of the faculty, within my podcast and my blog space, which has enabled me to grow my confidence to speak publicly about what I am passionate about.
  • Hannah (Third Year, English and History Student)

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