What study environment works the best for you?

My favourite study environment has always been at home. I like going to the library sometimes if I need a change but for the most part, I like being at my own desk, in my comfy clothes and with drinks on tap.

For me, being at home means comfort which is important for my motivation. I try to create a nice environment in which to work so that I actually enjoy sitting at my desk. That means surrounding myself with nice things like a candle, flowers, photos of loved ones etc.

In practical terms, a good light source is super important, I am very lucky to have a big window with a lovely view right in front of me but I also have a lamp for dark winter days. At the beginning of this year I bought a nice chair because the ones that came with my flat were terrible and it’s probably my best purchase of the year. It’s made such a difference to have a comfy chair for online uni. Also, make sure you have a drink at all times because getting up to make a cuppa is just another excuse to procrastinate.

Overall, I’d say that to create your ideal study environment you need to know what works for you.

-Yzzy (Fourth Year English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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