UCAS – No, my dear, I will not write your personal statement for you.

Friendly reminder of application closing date: Friday 29th January 2021

Many young people have been applying for university for this coming September – the likes of them being my brother who I helped during this process. He appeared quite shocked when I informed him, I was not going to write the statement for him, much to his dismay to the household English student. 

In September of 2018, it was my turn, I had researched and visited a variety of places– subsequently settling on Sheffield and Cardiff as my top two choices. The process of my personal statement was a lengthy one: it took many tweaks, redrafts and pushing for proofreads to get to the final state. It was the first type of personal writing that I had done, I constantly had to fight the urge that my writing felt completely fake. With my references in hand, we sent my application fees and off my statement went to the will of university administrators. It was a daunting thought. 

It has been an incredibly different experience for young students applying this year. Instead of day trips to university, my brother was flung in with ‘WhatUni’ comparisons and online open days. I applaud all the A-Level students who are with questioned exams and assessments yet are still preserving with their future in this bleak time. My best advice to you would be to consider carefully the way you want your university experience to look, and that the university will still be here in a year– ready and waiting for new passionate students. 

Quick Tips for your UCAS Experience:

  • Believe me when I tell you, you are good enough to write about yourself. Take your achievements and show them off proudly. 
  • Make use of all the helpful content you can, online and in school, especially proofreading from those closest to you as they can help create a good image of your character.
  • Send that application off as soon as possible – the sooner it is out of your mind, the more you can focus on the possibility for the future. 

-Hannah (Third Year English and History)

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