The Watchers in the Sky- 13

Part Thirteen

The Tale of the Purple Death


a poetry series by student DP

consider, far away on high, in the dark night sky,

eternal stars and fast spacecrafts pass silently by,

on this world there walked a dog walker in the cold woods,

and by some sort of spacecraft, seven aliens were stood,

they talked to the walker – without his dog – caringly,

they asked him what he most wanted somewhat daringly,

he told them of his wife, so they invited him in,

looked deep into his past and took his head for a spin,

they saw how his wife did bleed out when her throat was slit,

by a hooded, alien stranger; the dog then killed it,

the alien Gwardrek came out of his memories fast,

and conjured and created his old wife from the past,

they were pleased with the result that they would give to Fred,

he was in disbelief as the Gwardrek went bright red,

the dog had returned – scaring them all back into space,

but dog, at night, saw a purple glow on his wife’s face,

the dog knew that this new wife was abnormally lame,

it was not quite the real wife causing the dog great pain,

she did nothing normal, alarming Fred and dog, Bess,

revealed her true form when, for the shower, she undressed,

as her old disguise died and washed away with water,

she’s no humanity; more like the devil’s daughter,

she fought with her ‘ex’-husband as she fought with that hound,

she held the mutt’s throat and ripped it out on to the ground,

the dying pooch was doused in alien, Gwardreki blood,

and with their advance genetics that pooch was a-flood,

Fred had fled to the woods he resided deeply in,

as he was now outnumbered by the Gwardreki kin,

rapidly running in the forest from the Gwardrek,

the nearest place of refuge was a long and hard trek,

as they caught up, he begged for his life and their kindness,

but he was only met with ignorance and blindness,

they attacked him promptly, fiercely, quite gruesomely,

as he was scratched and beaten, he died so brutally,

they did with him as they did with Bess – resurrection,

and the three of them called for full Gwardrek inspection,

their spaceship reappeared in the dark skies up above,

and glided down gently with the finesse of a dove,

how the minions were despatched with when their work was done,

seems that Gwardreki toil on Sol-3 had begun,

the very same mind probes used to retrieve Fred’s dead wife,

were to be used by the million on all Earth’s life,

the planetary scale of the posthumous alive,

gave confusion making the Gwardrek Queen of the hive,

the world was falling, the next apocalypse was now,

no one in the galaxy could stop it – who and how?

it was taken over, begun again, forever,

the peoples of Earth weren’t seen again whatsoever,

then a lady sat in a new school telling each kid,

about all the bad aliens and all of what they did,

gave them a look about the story she’d just made-up,

about losing her husband and then losing her pup.”

The children of her class were beset with certain fear

as down the teacher’s cheek rolled a solitary tear

they asked if she was alright and the asked her also

if more of her science fiction stories she did know

Are we Gwardreki instead of human for real?

We are humans” she was not bothered to continue her spiel.

There’s no such thing as Gwardreki warriors at all,

to believe my story you’d be…  well…  not a fool

Julie had found it hard to keep herself together

and knew that this knowledge was her hardship forever.

To the side she stared with her mind’s eye,

to see that Fred, beside Bess, came to say goodbye,

Bess barked as Fred smiled, and she began to cry,

her life felt over, and my, my, it did fly?

Julie felt as though and knew not but why

that her time was over – soon she would die,

comforted by her two dead friends; they did try,

to calm her final moments before death was nigh,

this plane of existence she could no longer occupy,

she dissolved and faded and with one final sigh,

she fell to the ground as her spirit flew high,

Fred, Julie and Bess, like their world that passed by,

were just mere playthings                   


The Watchers in the Sky

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