The Watchers in the Sky- 12

Part Twelve

The World that Passed By


a poetry series by student DP

The person from the portal was humanly formed,

of the current apocalypse, they seemed forewarned.

With otherworldly knowledge, the Gwardrek she knew.

Of them, and their invasions she knew what to do.

The person was Julie – not alien, she was real,

that recent, fatal, wound to the neck she could feel.

She looked saddened at her apocalyptic world –

witnessing the night of chaos that has long unfurled.

The seven masters with ethereal being

knew of this Julie’s role, and why they were seeing

her in this place – their zone.  They landed by Julie,

to retrieve her safely because she was the key:

Welcome to this new world of ours – soon you’ll fit in –

first, we must tell you what happened, let us begin.

Julie boarded their vessel – not much else to do –

she asked: “You killed my planet – how can I trust you?

Julie, you’re the key – you can never die nor live.

We take your world’s dead, and to our home always give

to battle on the frontline; helps us win the war.

You can’t do battle – here you stay, forevermore,

because of the permission Fred had given.

Hear us of our mission, to which we are driven

to win, and to care for all our conquered planets –

no more wars or illness – can’t be that bad, can it?

We, the masters of planetary conversion,

though, to you we seem like masters of perversion.

We never invade without someone’s permission,

admittedly we go too far for our mission.

The universe hangs on the edge of all existence,

So, we chose your planet for little resistance

to join us.  It was easy to do morally,

since you destroy your own world so improperly.

Julie was amazed at the Gwardreki reason

and sought to her new masters to do no treason.

Soon, after one week – it will be purple and home,

all people, personas, still will be Sol-3’s own.

We have respect, history we conserve

and will give you the disguise you rightly deserve

Julie was the only one to ever have known

what Earth was like before the Gwardrek had shown.

Three Months Later…              

With an educator…

Julie was working at school in her new purple skin,

it seemed the leader was right about her fitting in.

Her loud, quarrelsome class were in their thirteenth school year,

of their fiercely knowledgeable teacher, they did quite fear.

A pupil asked “We did not used to purple, Miss,

I want to know if you think that aliens do exist?

We evolved after the accident my dear Rory, if you like, I could tell a fictitious, sci-fi story?

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