The Watchers in the Sky- 10

Part Ten

The Gwardrek of Zalvara


a poetry series by student DP

Screeching light emanated from their hands

whilst waiting for their evil kind to land.

A dot in the sky, appeared like a star,

growing bigger, closer – looking bizarre.

The forest canopy was passed right through;

the callers from below knew what to do –

welcome their masters who conceived their birth

for they returned to their project on Earth.

The craft settled on to the ground beneath

where their minions nervously grit their teeth.

Doors open.  Outside, one of seven stepped:

I am glad that to the plan, we have kept,

for this planet will be ours very soon

it bellowed in silver light, of the moon.

The very same crew Fred and Bess had seen

were present in the ship; still pale, still lean.

The reaction when infecting Sol-3

appears to be purple as we can all see,

the plan may advance – success we have had!

Like us, our superiors should be glad.

The loud leader proclaimed with an arm raised

of the purple trio, to which, they praised;

The people of this place you have well toyed,

well done!  Though now, you are to be destroyed!

Three bolts blazed brightly from its hands with flare,

and they, of their minions, seemed not to care.

When the bolts met them, they swelled and ballooned

and grew and exploded and the air festooned

with so many mulberry smithereens

of the purple ones; where they had just been.

The copycats of Julie, Bess and Fred,

like their originals, were defined: dead.

As with their bloods, those tall, pale creatures,

had on their head quite distinguished features

of great, large eyes shaded obsidian

and looking somewhat arachnidian.

The tall, slender aliens boarded their ship

looking forward to their very next trip.

The name of the creatures was the Gwardrek,

and to their home world, Zalvara, they trekked.

Zalvara was larger than Earth fourfold

and had an old prophecy that foretold

of the Gwardrek’s prowess for invasion;

how easily they convert a nation

into their own through only violent means.

In the ship looking at their control screens:

If glory be ours when taking their globe, we must initiate the planetary mind probe

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