The Full Monty of Sheffield Cinemas

Film is something I have always adored throughout my life. It was first cultivated with an obsession over pop culture films such as Harry Potter and High School Musical (I stand by this last terrible choice; I still know all the words). The passion conveyed through narrative and cinematography by a group of people with a collective vision is so beautiful to me. I have enjoyed visiting the cinema with others and alone at home – so needless to say a range of good cinemas was a priority for me when University hunting. Sheffield is more well known for the theatre scene with The Crucible being a famous venue, however, there are a few incredible cinemas to visit here too.

The University’s very own @film.unit.sheffield is a great place to start. The Film Unit is a volunteer run cinema in the Student Union’s downstairs auditorium. I have had some incredibly cosy nights out here, the best being Halloween of 2018 when they partnered with the Burlesque Society to do a screening of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’. It was such a hilariously raunchy night; my flatmate Becky and I bought a bottle of wine to share and watched the show with the amazing dancers in tow. The Unit offers cheap tickets for students and general admission is allowed, it is easily accessible and a fun night out. Not to mention the fantastic up to date range of films they show, most recently I watched ‘Knives Out’ and ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ there. Once the facility is COVID secure and running again, I would encourage everyone to visit as it helps our SU too!

Another two of my favourite mainstream cinemas in Sheffield are ‘The Light Cinema’ and ‘The Odeon Luxe’. It has been the place I have preferred to go with my friends for the latest watches, both have amazingly comfy seats. However, the Odeon trumps The Light – they have reclining sofas. Cinemas viewing cannot get any better than that. With reasonable student prices (just do not forget your student card), it is a great staple for film watching with restaurants and facilities around. I have experienced some brilliant films in these places, from ‘Rocketman’ and ‘Booksmart’ to ‘The Joker’ and ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’, I have been blown away watching these films on the big screen.

Cinema seats

The Showroom Workstation is my favourite independent cinema in Sheffield, located right by the train station. If you are an indie darling, this is the spot for you. This place has a retro vibe with plush red seats, I feel like I have been transported back to the classical cinema era ever time I visit. Once again, the Showroom offers reasonable prices and a cinema scheme called CINE 26, for young people to get discounted film prices. It plays a variety of mainstream and independent films; it is usually the place to find rare arthouse type films. Through my cinema module in the first year, I managed to get free tickets to visit director Peter Strickland’s Q and A on his new film ‘In Fabric’. It was a delightfully weird horror/comedy about a killer red dress, it literally murdered people. I felt like I was really living out my indie cinematic dream sitting in the audience, having absolutely no clue what to ask the director.

Cinema is a great way for me to connect with people, it fascinates me how cinema is a communal moment to share and yet unique experience. With snacks in hand and an open mind, it is one of the places where I am at my happiest!

– Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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