Shelfie with Dr Sara Whiteley

This shelfie captures some of the different strands of my research and teaching. There are volumes which discuss the cognitive and social aspects of language and reading…there are tomes which address contemporary literature and literary culture…there are works which review creativity and style. All underpinned by a hefty dose of stylistics, of course.Shelfie_2015

The blue book across the top is a history of the National Trust – this links nicely to some research I’ve been doing with Dr Joanna Gavins on the language of National Trust holiday cottage guestbooks.

The white volume ‘The Economy of Prestige’ on far left is a major coursebook on my online MA module about ‘Contemporary Literature through the Man Booker Prize’. It’s about the complicated (and fascinating!) role of literary prizes in contemporary literary culture.

The rarest book on the shelf is the blue book on ‘Text Worlds’ four in from the right. This is Paul Werth’s original exposition of his influential cognitive linguistic model of discourse processing, called Text World Theory.

And, in a shameless plug, my most recent publication can be found in the black ‘Bloomsbury Companion to Stylistics’ five in from the left. My chapter on ‘Emotion’ is about emotional responses to literature – from identification and empathy to hope and expectations – and discusses a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Available now in all good libraries and book shops :)

Shameless plugs! Always a good idea.

Shameless plugs: Always a good idea.


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