New Year’s Resolutions

Last year’s resolutions concluded me to curb my book buying to read my much-neglected novels. This year resolution is strong Activism. (And to read the 20+ books I have bought this year).

Change is needed. The structural and institutional fault lines have been truly exposed across the globe. Our families roll their eyes at the radical notions we throw up at the dinner table. Activism in any form can be a scary prospect, but we must listen and make our voices loud. We do not need to stay silent on the matters we care about.

How can we engage in Activism?

  1. Online Protest: Signing and sharing petitions, talking on hashtags, attending online webinars. Facebook Donation Funds are also a great way to donate to non-profit organisations.
  2. Emailing and Writing to your MP: you can find pre-made templates!
  3. Protests and Strikes: Find the group events with organisations you care for, take some friends, remember to stay safe and vigilant.

Here at Sheffield, we currently have our Forgotten Students Campaign – check it out at the link here:

Other Campaigns to Watch out for:

Black Lives Matter UK

Sisters United


-Hannah (English and History)

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