New Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow: Dr. Charlotte Steenbrugge

This Autumn, the School of English is welcoming several new members of staff, who we’ll be highlighting one by one throughout the semester.

Our second new msteenbruggeember of staff is Dr. Charlotte Steenbrugge, who has joined the School of English as Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow. Charlotte’s main research focus is medieval English theatre, but she has also done research on early modern theatre, medieval and sixteenth-century Dutch and French drama, and non-dramatic medieval literature. Her current VCF project is called ‘Sceptical Readings of Medieval English Literature.’ This study will examine historical evidence of religious scepticism in the Middle Ages, and the fundamental importance of scepticism in understanding both medieval texts and the culture of the Middle Ages.

Just this past week, the journal Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama ( has released their 54th issue, which Charlotte co-edited with Professor Alexandra F. Johnston (University of Toronto). For more information about the issue, called ‘Love and Romance in Early Drama,’ or about other areas of Charlotte’s work, see her website:



Welcome to the SoE, Charlotte!

For more information on Charlotte’s work, see her personal webpage:

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