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Sheffield is the sixth greenest city in the UK, with 650 green open spaces and 13 city centre parks to peruse whilst you are here. Yzzy did a beautiful post a few weeks ago about the Sheffield Botanical Gardens – so consider me inspired (and completely ripping her off) as I discuss my other favourite green spaces in Sheffield in a pushy travel guide like style…

Park with gazebo

Weston Park

This is the stunning green space directly across from the University’s SU, the large inviting gates at all entrances of the park allude to the grandeur of park and adjoining museum itself. Honestly, it is as fancy as it sounds. Built in c.1800, the rolling hills, pond and beautiful nature means it is a perfect spot for lazy strolls. The museum which you can now book to visit, holds many relics of Sheffield’s history and is an excellent place to learn some interesting facts. I remember, back in my youthful first year, once buying strawberries and sat eating them in the park with a friend – watching the aeroplanes and clouds pass by. How idyllic.

Leisurely stroll rating: 5/5 (A kind of setting you would stroll hand in hand, darling).

Tinnies in the park rating: 2/5 (It feels a little unwarranted, exempt from sunny days of course).

Ability to torture yourself with exercise rating: 4/5 (The tennis courts are available for booking, or likewise being chased by the ducks can get your heart rate up).

Park stroll

Crookes Valley Park

Crookes Valley Park is in the triangle of the three mentioned, it is conveniently a walk through to get to Sports Sheffield or the Football courts. I really love this park, there is usually such a range of life going on to observe. From the causal walkers, to the idiots who purposefully jump into the freezing pond for a swim – there is certainly a whole lot to take in. One of my favourite aspects of this park is that you can see a lovely view across the city – whilst in a green space almost like your own city back garden. This park is visited by a lot of student, so a rife spot for some beverages in the sun. Get lucky and you might even be able to do a spot of fishing, now that’s the life.

Leisurely Stroll Rating: 3/5 (Less space to stroll, but excellent people watching spots).

Tinnies in the Park rating: 5/5 (Entertainment included if individuals appear in rubber dinghies on the pond)

Ability to torture yourself with exercise rating: 2/5 (There are a lot of runners who I am constantly terrified will fall in said pond, no one so far).

Park with buildings in the background

The Ponderosa

This is a large park situated right near my house, so the convenience of a walk is second to none. As a huge open space, it is excellent to run around, play in the park and on the football friends, or just sit with friends. It is a park that I would mainly suggest exercising in, there has now being a running track dented into the large football field from the amount of people who jogged around there over lockdown. The great open spaces are available to all, my house once played a massive game of frisbee here and I got muddy knees from diving too many times.

Leisurely Stroll Rating: 3/5 (The new paths does increase the rating, I know, I live so wildly).

Tinnies in the Park rating: 4/5 (Definitely some good stones to perch yourself on).

Ability to torture yourself with exercise rating: 5/5 (The government exercise gadgets are a treat).

Bridge and white flowers

-Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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