Naked Clothes- 3

Begin the Jive

to Dance Alive

& Dip then Dive



a poetry series by student DP

Recall noises,

quite random,

from pets of thine

yowling because

they could see all this time

Their eyes did watch;

those cats,

those dogs –

that cut our sleep

to show us the jog

The jog of the clothes

that retain our essence;

that waltz

without us,

that swaying senescence

Bedridden by night

but pets make

their sleep break

this babbling mind

stirs awake

A person unclothed,

left all to see

as they

attempted the stairs

so nakedly

unacquainted with clothes

their flesh was bare

for the house

to look at

and judgingly stare

But did they care?


they did not

slumber is the reason

that they forgot

The human could hear

the strangest of sounds

that sounded

like feet

treading the ground

Through the crack

of the door

a little light had glowed

that would show this human

their true abode

One of

absolute eccentricity

that forced them

to nod

in complicity

The clothsies

then knew they

were with company;

a company that

the shouldn’t be!

So dropped they all

unto the ground

the human

baffledby what they had found…

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