My favourite thing about my final year

If I am being truthful, my favourite thing about my final year has been chilling in Sheffield’s various parks, but you already know that so I’m going to write about something different today.

My final year has been great because of the variety of modules I got to study. As a dual honours student I get some variety when it comes to module choice anyway, but in final year the choice of optional modules has been the most I’ve ever had so it’s been really fun to pick and choose my favourites. I’ll mainly focus on the English modules I’ve studied this year as after all, this is the School of English blog!

Probably one of my all-time favourite modules this year was the Black British Contemporary Lit course with Veronica Barnsley. This module was great because I got to learn about some amazing Black British filmmakers, musicians, poets and authors. I truly learnt a lot more about the Black British experience at a time when that was so important, from Dizzie Rascal to Otis Mensah we looked at a wide range of sources and had such choice when it came to assessments. I even wrote and produced a podcast for this module. If you have the chance to take this module definitely do!

Another module I really enjoyed this year was Women Playwrights on the International Stage 1880s-1930. In this module we covered such a range of amazing female playwrights and I feel I learnt so much. Another great thing about this module was that only one or two of the plays was in English (originally of course) the others were translated from French, German and even Argentinian Spanish so I really got a good understanding what women
were writing in this time period.

Finally, as well as my dissertation module, I studied Contemporary Literature. This module had an amazing scope of texts from the contemporary period covering topics from Nation to Network. I particularly enjoyed this module because of the free choice of topic we got to write our essays at the end. I decided to write about Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 2 alongside Dean Atta’s the Black Flamingo. It was such a joy to get to write about two texts/tv shows I love so much for my final essay at university.
If I had one piece of advice it would be to always choose a variety of modules and be brave, if you think you’ll be interested in something, you’ll probably excel!

Yzzy Bostyn, 3rd year student ambassador

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