Mental Health Awareness Month

Rainy, sunny, hailing and shine.
In just one day, Sheffield experiences a twister of weather conditions. One minute bathed in a ray of beautiful morning sunshine, then the next caught in a soggy Northern downpour. Watch your head –here comes the hail!

Fluctuating, back and forth, it has an unfathomable form and powerful nature. Moving and expressive, it sometimes feels completely unpredictable. How are we meant to know how to function when the ground and skies we stand under are not static?
Isn’t it fascinating how the weather can waver and veer, just as the mind can too? In just one day, the mind can experience a whirlwind of emotions. One minute, a clear, calm, and collected head can turn into a chaos of negative thoughts. The frustration, the anger, the sadness can pour out of us. Those thoughts, like the insistent hail, we tend to hear the loudest.

Fluctuating, back and forth, it can feel too dynamic for us to bear. Any moment we could be soaked in the rain, with nothing but a small umbrella to shield us from the elements. Isn’t it comforting to understand; that though the rain may fall, the sunshine will soon follow? The rain may be powerful, but it is okay to feel swept away at times. Our minds are beautiful and strong, even in moments of rainfall, we can acknowledge the clouds will break.

BreaktheStigma #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

In honour of Mental Health Awareness, I wanted to write a piece on the similarities I saw between the weather and my fluctuating mental health. Throughout the academic year, many students can feel the heavy pressure of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, that affect their ability to work and function in daily life. It can often feel as though there is a jumble of thoughts, formulated like dark clouds, that sit in our minds and bodies. I wanted to remind the students that they are not alone in this time, that it is okay to not be okay. Our minds are not completely static. We can take comfort in acknowledging, that even for a moment, the clouds will break.

  • Hannah (Third Year – English and History)

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