Lockdown film night

One of the things I miss the most about normal life is the cinema. I love settling down in a dark theater to escape with a film for a couple of hours so I decided to try recreate some of the magic at home.

First things first, we had to choose a film. My boyfriend loves Star Wars so we chose Attack of the Clones. We could have just settled down under a blanket with some popcorn then and there, but no, TikTok trends and lockdown craziness inspired me to go one step further.

Obviously, one big draw of the cinema is the snacks, and as we were watching Star Wars I decided to make some themed snacks.Want cocktail do you? Yodatini I will give.

Please forgive the cringey Yoda voice and feast you eyes on what I like to call, the Yodatini. it’s basically an Appletini but with Yoda ears made out of apple slices. It was delicious and could easily be made non-alcoholic if you don’t drink.

“RRRAARRWHHGWWR.” – The Empire Strikes Back

You guessed it, inspired by the great Chewbacca next up was ‘Wookie Cookies’.

I had seen this recipe for chickpea cookies and was very intrigued by the idea of very healthy, easy, vegan cookies so I baked some and added Chewbacca’s signature belt to make them a loosely defined ‘Wookie Cookie’. If you can’t tell from the picture they were delicious.

Finally I bought some sweets, Fizzy Strawberry Straws, to act as ‘Lightsabers’ and we sat down to watch the film. It was a bit silly yes but a lot of fun to brighten up an otherwise cold and grey January evening.

As I have written before, some of my favourite films are Legally Blonde and Mulan so I wonder what snacks I could cook up next time I watch them. Perhaps I could print a menu on perfumed pink paper a la Elle Woods or recreate Mulan’s bacon and egg porridge. Why just feast your eyes on a film when you could be feasting too?

-Yzzy (English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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