International Women’s Day

Monday March 8th – Educated Women.

Every year, International Women’s Day would come around and I would send my messages of love to all the women in my life – friends, family, those I admire. It would be a simple remark to thank them of the pure joy they bring to my life. This year of the chaotic 2021, International Women’s Day in a slightly different but familiar way, through screens, messages, and virtual hugs.


Education is the theme of this IWD, it is to provide Gender Equality to allow all women and girls to have access to education. UN Women are encouraging us to Chose to Challenge to call our gender bias and inequality in the education sector and to celebrate women’s achievements. As a woman in education myself, it is incredible to have the opportunity to write, learn and collaborate with others to gain knowledge. This basic right is not afforded to everyone, so we must #ChosetoChallenge.

This platform in the English Department offers a chance for every woman to be given a place at the table: be that they betransgender, cisgender, any sexuality, age, class, race, or ethnicity, dis/abled bodied. All women should hold a space in education and get their voices heard.


I want to dedicate it to all the women in our lives who we have dearly missed, separated by a necessary distance and time but whose love continues to show.

To the women who have cared for us through this pandemic, the mothers, guardians, friends, siblings, stepparents, colleagues, and grandparents. Cherish them. The women who have allowed us to clash, chatter, cry. They brought up out of dark moments and showed us beauty. Thank them. Those who made us laugh, gave comfort, and made a space for us to be. Empower them.

– Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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