I Study More than Books….

In particular, I really loved the Shakespeare on Film module I did in second year. It allowed me to realise how much I like studying adaptations and film generally. We studied 3 plays and looked at 3 films based on each play. However, the adaptations were all very different, they came from different time periods and countries meaning we got to see how Shakespeare operated in many different cultures. In this sense, this module really reflected how by encouraging students to explore different mediums of ‘literature’, literature can come to life.

This approach also applies to the course generally. You are encouraged to watch and listen to the plays and poetry you are studying. For me, this has been a really healthy way to study because I feel it is less time consuming and sometimes more pleasurable than simply reading a text. Also, it is often truer to how the text was meant to be delivered. In this sense, I really appreciate the mixed media we study here at Sheffield and the way tutors are understanding of our needs whilst delivering the course.

Assortment of books

On the Spanish side of things, I get a similar variety of media to choose from. I have studied books, plays and films throughout my degree. This year there’s even the chance to study Latin American music and make your own album. I love learning about the history, culture and theory from Hispanic countries through a range of media. It really helps to understand the context around what we are learning and is a lot more memorable than reading tons of essays.

However, if that kind of thing isn’t for you, you can stick to more traditional media. That’s the great thing about studying at Sheffield, you have loads of choice and can make the course that you want to study. All in all, Sheffield is a great place to learn, I feel very grateful for the level of choice I have because it has meant I have learnt a lot whilst having the opportunity to explore what really interests me.

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