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The UoS Gothic Reading group kicks off another year of cake and death!

The Gothic Reading Group at the University of Sheffield is pleased to announce that it will be starting a brand new year of Gothic group meetings this coming October. We’re hoping that it will be another great experience for members old and new, and that there will be participation from University members of all departments and academic backgrounds. The Gothic can be, after all, pretty universal and tons of fun to explore!

The schedule for this upcoming semester is as follows:

October 1stRebecca (Movie)

October 29thWide Sargossa Sea

November 12th – X-Men: Marvel Knights (A stand-alone comic, no prior X-Men knowledge needed) [this has been rearranged from 26th November]

November 26th – New England Gothic Somnambulism: A Fragment / Young Goodman Brown and Sleepy Hollow [this has been rearranged from 12th November]

December 10thThe Woman in Black (Movie/book)

Over Christmas Break – Doctor Faustus (Marlow); The first meeting after break will feature a special screening of the Globe’s first ever production of Doctor Faustus, starring Paul Hilton and Arthur Darvill.


Reading group meetings will be with be held from 4-6 in the Richard Roberts Building, room A87, with the option of going across the road to the pub for a pint and continued discussion afterwards.


During the second semester we will strongly encourage members of the group to come up with their own ideas for reading materials, exploring your favourites in Gothic literature and film. We are also planning field trips throughout the semesters and are always pleased to hear about any Gothic-related news and events in the area.

We always encourage students, staff, and friends from all levels of study and all departments to come and get involved in this fun and intellectually stimulating group, including guest blogging for us at the Gothic Reading Group blog. Participating in the Gothic Reading Group is a great opportunity to meet new people, work on your group learning skills, and fill in those CVs. You also get to discuss pretty much the most awesome genre ever, experience cool books and movies, and be part of a fun and stimulating learning environment! For more information, updates on times and dates, and access to our archive of past blog posts please visit the Gothic Reading Group blog at

We look forward to seeing you at the Gothic Reading Group, the only University reading group that guarantees both cake and death!


Here Kathleen Hudson opens the School of English Blog for the 2014/15 academic year with her post on Early Gothic Servant Narrative, check out the related post ‘Gothic Reading Group Another Year of Cake and Death’ , where you can find information on the School of English Gothic Reading Group meeting times and reading. We are actively seeking more blog posts from students in the School of English so please contact Bridie at if you’d like to submit something for the Blog. This could be a review of an event, performance or publication, or a piece on your current area of interest or research, or indeed anything that you’re inspired to share with the SoE community.

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