Five Happy Things

It is not hard to recognise everyone is struggling right now. From the students in their online study to the key workers keeping us moving, our experiences may not be entirely comparable, but our battle is one that is the same. It is a cathartic pleasure to have a platform to be able to express my encouragement and appreciation for everyone continuing to cope in our situation. Happiness can be elusive currently, so to give some love, here are five things that made me smile this week…

1. Securing a lovely student house for next year with four of my best friends. Another step in my (fake) adulting journey, next it is squabbling over bedroom choice and deciding how many house plants we can feasibly fit in the living room.

cat on sofa

2. Realising that the month of March exists. I got myself in a slight panic thinking that there was only a mere two months to my dissertation final draft was due. Alas, there is three! Believe it or not, I did the same thing last year. If I had a brain – I would be incredibly dangerous.

3. Perfected a Baker’s Dozen (somewhat). A questionable first attempt at a loaf of bread in summer left much to be desired, it was more cake than bread. I reattempted and made the most beautiful looking loaf that has ever been baked. Yes, the toast was glorious.


4. I started the first steps of my master’s application process. After a well needed kick by a loving friend, they encouraged me towards the confidence I needed to take it on. There are online seminars to attend by the Careers Service about considering ‘Postgraduate Studies’.

5. Hold your Knights. I played a chess match for the first time! It is such a beautifully intricate game, teaching you to pragmatically plan ahead and understand your opponent’s moves. I lost, obviously, spending the majority of the game asking “What does this one do?”. But it gave my friend a greatly needed ego boost.

snowy walk in the woods

Good luck for your last semester of the year, I have full faith in every single student’s ability to thrive. I hope wherever you are in your life, you can find things to be happy for. Even remembering that months exist.

-Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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