Favourite Memory First Year

What is the best thing about Endcliffe Village, you ask? Harold the Cat!
My favourite memory of First-Year would be living in Endcliffe Village, which is home to 4,500 students between Endcliffe and Ranmoor – so there is always someone new to meet!
Through the self-selective system, I was able to find myself a student flat of 6 in Millstone House, flat 3A. It was helpful to know there were respective gender and LGBQT+ exclusive flats as an option if you wanted something more specific. I chose a mixed flat; this ended up with a flat of four boys and myself, and another girl.

We had travelled from all parts of the UK: Birmingham, Newcastle, the Isle of Man, and an International student from China. Luckily enough, we got along so well that I have continued to live with the majority of my original flat. Now, into our third and fourth year – we seemingly have not killed each other yet.

Though, there is one especially important member of the flat who could not carry to our new house. I. remember the first day I met him so clearly. Wrapped up in my hoodie and blankets, I was sat at my desk hunched over my laptop; frantically I was cracking on with my essay, it was due in the next few days. Frustrated, agitated, and tired. It only disturbed me more when I heard a knock at my bedroom door.
“What’s up?” I sighed, “I am trying to get on with my essay in here”. It went silent for a moment. “There is a cat”.

I thought they were joking, but I made my way out to the corridor nonetheless. There, in fact, was a beautiful white cat sitting there like he owned the place. My frustration dissipated immediately, in our flat we were all self-confessed cat people. To have one show up at your door unprovoked was a dream come true. At first, we called him Loaf, though we quickly found out through social media that he was named Harold by the other students. Oh, and we loved Harold, there was always a spare moment for
cuddles and playtime when we would set eyes on him.

Harold would show up directly at our flat door on occasion, it made us feel so special – though I reckon he was more tempted by the food treats we gave him. It was calming to have a friendly animal around the student village, especially when many students missed their pets at home.

Unfortunately, could not keep Harold, though admittedly we did scheme many ways to claim him, he had a loving family in the estate across from the village.

He turned up to say goodbye on our last day, it was a lovely way to conclude our time at Endcliffe Village.

If anyone wants to see how Harold is doing, check out the @harold.theendcliffecat on Instagram.

  • Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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