Dr Meredith Warren on BBC radio

In this Easter season, Dr. Meredith J C Warren (School of English, Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies) has recently written an article for The Conversation on the Crucifixion. She compares the Gospel of John and non-canonical gospels like the Gospel of Peter, in which Jesus was nailed to the cross, to other accounts, such as synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), which do not include this specific detail, and historical Roman practice, in which hands were either tied in place with ropes or nailed at the wrists.The article was also picked up by the Independent, and Meredith appeared on BBC Radio Sheffield last week to discuss it.

Constanza gemstone with the crucified Christ, surrounded by 12 apostles. British Musem CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

“Since the evidence from antiquity doesn’t provide a clear answer as to whether Jesus was nailed or tied to his cross, it’s tradition that dictates this common depiction.” – Dr. Meredith Warren


This isn’t the first time that Meredith has appeared in the popular press over the last year. See below for a list of just some of her other articles and interviews.

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