Autumn in Sheffield

Autumn is by far my favourite season and Sheffield is the perfect place to enjoy it. From the Peaks to the many parks in the city, there’s plenty of places to experience autumn in Sheffield.

Autumn in Sheffield

The City Centre

There’s two parks in the city centre. The Winter Gardens is the best autumn/winter place to enjoy nature with it’s array of tropical plants interlaced with art installations but my personal favourite is the Arctic Monkey’s elephant. There’s also few cute shops, cafes and even a museum, making it a great option for colder, rainy days. Just next to it is the Peace Gardens, the trees that line the Winter Gardens always turn a gorgeous deep red and with the layered seating areas there’s loads of room to sit and enjoy a hot chocolate.

The Botanical Gardens

With a big variety of carefully curated flowers and plants the Botanical Gardens is a great option for Autumn. They also have many hidden gems in the Gardens, like the bear pit, rose garden, cafe and greenhouse.

Botanical Gardens

Endcliffe Park

Just down the road from the Botanical Gardens is Endcliffe Park, one of my favourite spots for autumnal exploring. A stream runs through the huge park and you can step across the stepping stones to the higher parts of the park, making it great for exploring. After you’ve finished in the park you can go for a warming coffee or pint in one of the nearby cafes or pubs on Ecclesall Road.


Weston and Crookes Valley Park

Close to the University, Weston Park is lovely in autumn. As all the trees change colour you can wander through the park and admire the monuments, pond, and even visit the museum if you get a little cold. Right next to Weston Park, Crookes Valley is a great walk with it’s large lake and Dam House, the pub overlooking the lake. I like to read a book by the side of the pond or meet up with friends.

Now more than ever, we need to enjoy the wealth of green space available in Sheffield. I hope you have a great autumn!

– Yzzy (Fourth Year English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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