“Are you off to Nice Neighbourhood again?”

… “Of course, where else would I be!”

The Nice Neighbourhood (@nice__hood) is a café and workspace on Glossop Road, a couple of minutes’ walk away from the University. My friend Chelsea found out about Neighbourhood through a quick googling of new student workspaces to use, we quickly fell in love with the place. It became a space we would visit 3 or 4 times a week, meeting up for group sessions, catch up lunches or to work on essays. All of the staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating, they soon came to recognise and know our names – it was incredibly welcoming. When I thought of myself studying at university, this was exactly the place I imagined myself to be in.  In a quiet corner of a stylish bustling café, coffee in hand and taking on my next week’s seminar reading. It sounds romanticised – but Neighbourhood is the real English Literature nerd dream.

Their mochas and teas have got me through too many tricky days. It is crucial to have multiple spaces that you can work in, a change of scenery can be so valuable to ensuring your academic wellbeing. Staying long hours at your desk in your accommodation or the libraries can be draining, it can feel like you are wasting hours of your day staring at a screen. Having a spot to meet new people, converse and work with others or alone is very refreshing. Some of my favourite memories have been made around a table with my friends at this wonderful workspace.

Here pictured is their Turkish Egg Flatbread, to say it was delicious is an understatement. Neighbourhood has a range of different meals to satisfy all. With some fantastic sweet treats and cocktails too! The Nice Neighbour is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, however, when their doors are open again, I will certainly be one of their first customers. I would fully encourage anyone safely visit, grab a drink, and see who you meet. I miss you Nice Neighbourhood, until we meet again!

Turkish Egg Flatbread

-Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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