The Watchers in the Sky- 11

Part Eleven

The Invasions of their Minds


a poetry series by student DP

A bigger version of the mind probe was

used on the whole planet, Sol-3, because

they intended to do the same as for Fred –

bringing people’s loved ones back from the dead.

During this night, their loved-lost would return,

quenching the many sad hearts that did yearn.

The Gwardrek awaited that morning’s light,

to see the humans reacting affright.

Men, Women, children, animals all saw

the posthumous sight of those lost before.

The Gwardrek’s powerful weapon was used

to ensure Earth was completely confused.

Most of this world accepted the new sight

with hints of upset but more of delight;

The Invasions of their Minds ’ caused mixed mirth

as night had befallen the entire Earth.

The allure of the lost – no illusion –

even though many thought it delusion,

picked at the strongest, the weakest, the all!

No one could prevent or stop this pitfall.

The councils broke down, the governments felled

The end of humanity surely spelled.

All creatures emotionally abused

Leaving the Gwardrek utterly amused.

Successfully the planet had been won,

Gwardreki entertainment – this, their fun.

Though Earth’s cleverest knew something was wrong

and for it to happen would not take long.

The time had come; the massacre started

between the living and the undeparted;

the end to the day that the Earth stood still,

with their race, right here, the Gwardrek would fill.

There were endless killings and violent acts

because of Fred’s permission, his contract;

he said yes to bring back Julie – his wife –

not realising that this would end his life.

Canines.           Felines.            Humans.           Equines.           And trees.

Ripped apart.               Killed.              Changed.          Converted with ease.

The world was falling.                                       The cities bleeding.

The blood-seed sown.               The Gwardrek a-breeding.

London            Paris                 Delhi                New York          Nearly Gone

All Were Dying            Mecca              Athens             and Hong Kong

Washington      Rome               Doha                Madrid             and Moscow

Cardiff              Johannesburg               Sydney             and Tokyo

All of them…     Dying.              Falling.            And More Like Berlin

Lisbon              Agra     Beijing             Cairo                Tibet    Dublin

Amidst the Night Chaos of All Cities Falling


Something new from this portal came a-crawling

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