What are five things that made you happy this week?

  1. Daffodils: the shops have started selling daffodils and they’re only a quid wherever I’ve seen them. Seeing their bright yellow flowers bloom has really brightened up my day.
  2. Snow: I can’t remember the last time it snowed this much this frequently but despite the cold it’s made Sheffield into a beautiful, if not slippy, winter wonderland.
  3. Frozen 2: My boyfriend and I were feeling a bit down in the dumps so he suggested we watch Frozen 2 and ironically it warmed our hearts and made us feel a lot better.
  4. Valentine’s cards: My mum has always given my siblings and I Valentine’s cards so I thought I’d return the favour given the difficult times we’re in. I made her a card and sent her some chocolate and a bath bomb to enjoy. Given the lockdown situation I thought my auntie could do with that too so I made and sent her a package as if it were from her cat, Lola. You can see Lola hand delivering the package in the picture.
  5. Dogs: Need I say more?
Cat and valentine

-Yzzy (English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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