The study environment that works for me

Coffee Chasers

With the increasing need to work from home with the current pandemic, having a study space that works for you is central to having a good study environment. Coffee chasers are what I am all about. Constantly back and forth between the kitchen, at least two different choices of drinks on the go. My current poison is an assortment of decaf coffee, Berocca and that Godly hydrating water.

For myself, I tend to enjoy working in the same space as other students, being able to chat and break with some good venting stress relief. To be able to separate work from relaxation, I find my noise cancelling headphones to be crucial for complete concentration. I wish I could bop along to some of my favourite tunes, but alas, my brain immediately wants to sing and dance. So, Spotify study playlists, classical music and nature soundscapes tend to soothe my mind into work.

In a bid to help keep myself on track, I have downloaded an app called ‘Forest’. It is a timer app, allowing you to work in incremental time slots to grow a tiny virtual tree and create a forest throughout your day. It is recommended to work in about 25–30-minute slots for your concentration levels and take regular breaks. Plus, the app has a real-life community tree planting project – collect enough coin rewards and you can help towards planting a tree in Africa! Finally, I use ‘Notion’, it is a free organisational and management workspace app to download for your laptop. For my forgetful brain, it is incredibly helpful for creating to-do lists and tracking your workload.

Good luck for second semester!

-Hannah (English and History)

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