What should I bring to uni?

Notebook at the ready? Good. You’re going to want to take note of these tips for preparing for university. 😊

Lists! I know it may seem like making a mountain out of a molehill but making a couple of lists can really help to manage pre-move stress. Make one for all the essential things you need to pack and another for all the things you need to do.

First up is essential packing. This list is not exhaustive but points out a few things you may not think of otherwise…


Clothes hangers

Always bring more than you think you’ll need, you’ve probably packed too many clothes.

A reed diffuser

Candles are not allowed in halls or rented accommodation so a reed diffuser is a great option to get your new room smelling nice.

A diary

Having a physical diary really helps to keep track of assignments, money and any plans. I always wrote my weekly budget at the top and added up how much I had left every evening.


Most Sheffield accommodation comes with a huge pinboard above your desk so bring a packet of pins along with some postcards or photos to put up.

A needle and thread

Don’t be robbed of your precious money for a £4 emergency sewing kit when your favourite top develops a hole.

Some fancy dress

It’s not just for Halloween once you’re at uni. Every few socials you’ll have to dress up as something ridiculous. You don’t want to be the person running to the fancy dress shop whilst pre-drinking at 7pm on a Wednesday.

An extension lead

I don’t care what you say, there are never enough plugs!

Masks, masks and plenty of hand sanitizer

You need to wear a mask in all learning spaces and on campus so bring plenty of reusable masks as you won’t be able to use the laundry every couple of days. And hand sanitizer, just to be safe.

Secondly, list what do you need to do…


Read the required reading for your course and if you have time any recommended reading. It will save your future self much pain come September.

Try to find your flatmates

It brought me so much peace of mind to have a little stalk of my future flatmates Facebook pages and talk to them before coming to uni.

Research any societies you want to join

Having an idea of which societies you’re interested in is a great idea because there are SO many to choose. If you’re not prepared you’ll be signed up to 50 before the freshers fair is over.

Learn to cook

No, beans and toast is not cooking but cooking can be just as easy. Make sure you know how to make some simple dishes before moving in.

See all your friends

You would not believe how difficult it can be to get all your best mates in one place after moving to uni. Make sure you cherish the last few times it’ll be easy to meet up.

Whatever you do you’ll never be fully prepared as university is a new experience full of great surprises- so don’t worry about being 100% ready but do make a few lists and you’ll be one step closer.

– Yzzy (Fourth Year English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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