Varsity 10k


Varsity 10k team

Top L-R: Dave Forrest, Amber Regis, Amy Ryall, Angela Wright, Jamie Lepiorz, Andrew Smith
Bottom L-R: Marcus Nevitt, Sara Whiteley, Jane Hodson, Tom Rutter

Hi everyone, I am Jamie, the School’s eLearning Support Officer. You will usually find me sat at my desk or doing the occasional spot of teaching, but more on this another time.

It is a week since English took part in the Sheffield Varsity 10k vs Hallam and I am please to announce that (at the time of writing) we have raised a massive £800 for Reading Matters, a Yorkshire based charity, their aim is:

“…improve reading for children and young people; enhancing reading comprehension, word recognition, language development, communication skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Me finishing despite injury

Me finishing despite injury

Despite injuries and freezing weather we all managed to finish, and here is a picture of me finishing 5th last, and in more than a little bit of pain.

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