Spring Is In the Air!

Sheffield is green. That is one of the first things you are baffled with when you first visit the city. Where I live currently has 3 different parks within a 5-minute walking distance of me, it is all a suburban girl could ever wish for! Having a space to breathe and think in an open area is like nothing else, especially in the thralls of lockdown.


On my daily walks, I see the parks being used for such a variety of activities: football matches, running, dog walks, friendly chats, and the occasional heated match of ultimate frisbee we play within our household. Now, Bolehill Park is a whole different ballgame. Just past Crookesmore High Street, it is a sanctuary. It is the most breathtaking in all of Sheffield, to see the Steel City in all its glory. One beautiful Saturday afternoon, with housemates in tow, we trekked up to the steep hills to the park – freshly cold cans of cider in hand. Parking ourselves on a quiet hill, we sat and watched the sunset slowly fade into the sky. Romanticism aside, the sunset was beautiful. It may or may not have been aided by the alcohol.

playing sports at the park

The nature spots in Sheffield are well worth a visit, I would recommend anyone to take a stroll up to Bole Hill to see the views. Many people know this little secret spot, so there can often be a fair few people attending – so keep safe and distanced. And of course, practice safe drinking. You could even drag yourself out of bed for sunrise? I am sure I will get there someday soon…

– Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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