Speech Prosody 2016

Irene-Chen Shen, a PGR student supervised across the Schools of English and Human Communication Sciences, has recently presented her work at Speech Prosody 2016, a four-day international conference held at Boston University.


Irene presenting at Speech Prosody 2016

Irene’s presentation — entitled ‘Prosodic focus with post-focus compression in Lan-Yin Mandarin‘ — was co-authored with Yi Xu (Department of Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College London). You can read their abstract, paper and see their slides¬†online.

Let’s hear from Irene about the experience…

[It] has been a great learning experience, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet up with researchers and scholars who work in similar fields, and learn their newest research. My presentation went well, and the audience were very friendly and supportive. I also did some live tweeting and volunteering for the conference. Overall, it has been a very pleasant and practical conference to attend.

For my talk, I mainly demonstrated my study on Jincheng subgroup of Lan-Yin Mandarin, a group of Mandarin Chinese mainly spoken in the North-western region of China. Acoustic analyses and statistics showed that all speakers raised their pitch and intensity of focused words, and lowered pitch and intensity of post-focused words except in one condition where post-low bouncing was present. The conclusion was that Lan-Yin Mandarin exhibits PFC in a very similar way as in Beijing Mandarin.

Congratulations, Irene!

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One comment to “Speech Prosody 2016”
One comment to “Speech Prosody 2016”
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