Route 57

Route 57 is the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal. It was founded by Professor Adam Piette in 2006 and was printed for the first time for its eleventh issue, The Feisty Font Revue, in 2011. Showcasing the creative writing of our students, staff, alumni and affiliates is at the heart of Route 57: the journal includes performance, prose, poetry, fiction and non-fiction and art. These pieces are brought to life by the artist Abi Goodman (Sheffield Creative Guild). Originally, the calls for submissions were unthemed but from Issue 14 onwards, Loco-motion, we invited a range of responses to a particular provocative theme, namely Environs and Traces.

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Issue 11: The Feisty Font Revue

Community is intrinsic to Route 57: not only is it written and edited by staff, students, alumni and affiliates in Sheffield, but we also like to collaborate with exhibitions in local museums, highlighting the impact of topics such as innovation, motion and disaster on the communities that are affected by these issues. We encourage artists and writers to engage with and reflect on artworks in projects such as those in the National Railway Museum (Issue 14: Loco-motion), The Hepworth Wakefield and Kelham Island Museum (Issue 15: Environs), and the Graves Gallery and the Millennium Gallery (Issue 16: Traces).

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Issues 12, 13, 14 and 15

The team at Route 57 are proud of what we independently publish, and how these local acts of creativity support and facilitate accessible art for all. The current issue of this beautiful journal will be printed on risograph by Footprint, whilst previous issues have been printed Girasol Press, Choriso Press and Spirit Duplicator. 100% of the money made per copy goes towards printing the next issue. With general editors, section editors and student editorial assistants, Route 57 works cohesively to publish the best possible creative writing from Sheffield. 

This year, our special issue, Traces, is in collaboration with the ‘Post-Traumatic Landscapes’ exhibition at the Graves Gallery in Sheffield. We are exploring the visible and invisible traces that these landscapes embody in order to provoke critical, creative and experimental responses. Human and natural disasters, historic violence and memory are all dormant or active traumas in the landscapes presented by this exhibition. We are engaging with and reflecting upon the traces left behind in these post-traumatic landscapes, producing a wide range of work. Yet again, community is seen to be inherent to the theme: trauma impacts communities both physically and emotionally. 

We can’t wait to share our new issue with you soon. Visit our website and check out our social media:

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