Naked Clothes- 5

Naked Clothes

Begin the Jive

to Dance Alive

& Dip then Dive

But Always Survive

– Take Five



a poetry series by student DP

So, how then

does this entry even exist?

by clothes?

by authors?

or invisible wrists?

All three are true,

we work together,

to write,

for you,

this poetic letter

A velvet jacket

and a restless pen,

set about

their nightly routine


Struggle, you may,

to think this unfalse.

but, friend,

we wish you

to join our waltz

The whole house alive

and dancing well –


has spirit,

that’s easy to tell!

For wherever humans

care to live, and dwell;

angels of heaven,

and demons

of hell

Spiritual beings,

and ghostly spells,

and naked clothes

all follow

as well.

So when you wake

in the light of dawn

and take you

a glance of

clothes forlorn


in the night

they weren’t alone;

they moved about

all over your home!

Think what did they do,

my unpeopled clothes?

was this dress

up all night

striking a pose?

Think did my jumper

waltz or flamenco?

think did my shirt

get torn

by the tango?

Think what you like

but do think

that we danced

beneath the night

and the moonlight’s glance

Think of

the clothes

that dance away –

us naked clothes

in the dark of day.

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