Naked Clothes- 2

Begin the Jive

& Dance Alive



a poetry series by student DP

Everyclothe in the room

each velvet and tweed,

each pinstripe and tux

was relieved;

was freed

A fluttering fedora

and a clamouring cape

were entwined


in a danceful drape

A scarf and silk knickers

and two warm woollen mittens

darted around

like young,

little kittens

A pair of pants ploughed

down through the air,

at a stretched

old vest

that it did ensnare

Bow ties and berets

and bonnets and shoes

and socks and skirts

and trousers

and trews…



and buttonhole braces,

nighties and bras

and brogues with laces –

They tangoed and waltzed,

they discoed and jived.

they performed

without people

and thoroughly thrived.

The room was canvas,

the dance was brush –

clothed in colour

against music,


An old record crackled

from nineteen twenty;

dance ebbed;

dance flowed

with moves aplenty!

No humans

this night

set foot in the room

where clothsies frolicked

and rollicked their groove.

Peoples unclothed

are full of such woes,

are naked,

are vulnerable,

and require their clothes

But clothes unpeopled

are different in thought;

much happier,

much lighter

without your sort…

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