Literature of the English Country House: Final Reflections and Thanks to our Learners

In a very special final video we are joined on the blog by Course Mentor Carly Stevenson and Co-Lead Educator Adam James Smith, who each reflect on their own personal highlights from the course.

Chatsworth House, a central location throughout the course.

Chatsworth House, a central location throughout the course.


In this new video, filmed earlier this week, Carly and I reflect on how the course has gone, mention a few favourite moments and thank everyone involved. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of the University and the hard-work of the whole team (both inside the School of English and beyond), but at the same time, it is the commitment and enthusiasm of our learners that has made it such an absolute delight — so thank you, everyone!

Although the course may be ending, all of the content produced outside of the Futurelearn platform will remain available. If you’d like to explore all of this material, here are some helpful tips on where to start!

Your Questions Answered

As part of the course, both on the 2014 and 2015 iterations, we have been able to run live question and answers sessions using ‘Google Plus.’ The recordings of these sessions are now all available on Youtube.

  • ‘Jane Austen and Charles Dickens’, with Drs Joe Bray and Amber Regis [2015]

  • ‘Ann Radcliffe and Charles Dickens’, with Prof Angela Wright and Dr Amber Regis [2014]

  • ’18th-Century Print Culture and Politeness’, with Prof Susan Fitzmaurice and Dr Adam James Smith [2015]


The Companion Interviews

Throughout the duration of the course we’ve used the companion blog to interview postgraduate students whose research relates to those subjects discussed on the main course, touching on such varied topics as working in archives, working on Jane Austen and the role of servant narratives in the gothic novel.

  • MA Student Hanna Moss discusses working in the archive at Chatsworth House

  • PhD student and published author Lauren Nixon discusses her work on Jane Austen

  • PhD student Kathleen Hudson discusses servant narratives in the gothic novel


On the Blog

During the course we have published over 20 blog-posts, written by Course Educators and interested postgraduates in the School of English, covering a huge range of topics. Check out the full list of titles here!

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