Hello from Yzzy

Hi everyone. My name is Yzzy and I am a fourth year English Literature and Hispanic Studies student who you’ll see a lot more of on here. Over the three years I have been at Sheffield I have grown lifelong friendships and learnt so much in and out of lecture theatres. I love that from my flat I can see campus, where all of this happened. When everything seems a bit overwhelming, I can look down at green Sheffield and find a bit of peace. 

The sheer amount of green space in Sheffield was a deciding factor when I was applying to university. Surrounding the university there are three parks, which is great for students. They are spaces to chill out with friends, take a walk, play sports, or even to study. Weston Bank library looks out over Weston Park, providing a really calm environment for studying. 

View of University of Sheffield campus with flowers in spring
View of campus!

On the other hand, during the summer the parks are great spaces for barbeques, swimming and a couple of drinks with your friends. Full of students, the music and sunny weather create an amazing atmosphere. 

As I already mentioned, I love Sheffield’s hills. I live at the top of Crookesmoor Road which is in Crookesmoor, probably the most popular area for students to live in along with Crookes and Broomhill. Just up the hill from campus, you get great views of the university and if you walk a bit further to Crookes you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sheffield at Bole Hill, where many enjoy watching the sun set over the steel city.  

Some of my best memories from university were spent in some of Sheffield’s many parks but you can’t talk about Sheffield’s greenery without mentioning the Peak District. Close and easily accessible, the Peak District is Sheffield’s crowning jewel. Of course the obvious things to do there are going for walks, camping and perhaps enjoying a Bakewell tart. But student favourites include Mayfield Alpaca Farm, where you can pet and feed not only alpacas but llamas, goats and reindeer. There’s also Our Cow Molly, Sheffield’s only dairy farm, where you can enjoy a short ramble over the hills to be rewarded with delicious ice cream or sorbet. 

Yzzy feeding alpacas on Mayfield Alpaca Farm
Meeting alpacas at Mayfield Alpaca Farm!

That being said, I do not want to give the impression that Sheffield is so full of parks that it lacks a city feel. You get the best of both worlds here, a bustling city centre with loads of shops, restaurants and bars and the greenery of the winter gardens. Moreover, Sheffield really is a city to be enjoyed on foot. It’s on the smaller side, meaning you can walk from the city centre to home to the park easily whilst enjoying the scenery such as the vibrant street art all over town. That being said, if you don’t fancy it there’s plenty of ways to travel, whether that be on the tram, the bus or car. 

To summarise, Sheffield is one of the smaller northern cities but it’s full to the brim of nature and beauty, with 60% green space. You can grab a meal in the city or enjoy a barbecue in the park. Whatever I’m doing, I’m always grateful to have the outdoor city on my doorstep. 

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