Getting Back Into the Swing of Uni

Here’s a list of my favourite things to do to get back into the swing of uni life after a long summer:

Moving back to Sheffield a week or two before term starts

It’s important to leave yourself plenty of time to settle in, sort your new room out, catch up with friends and relax in your new surroundings before uni starts. Otherwise you could experience a lot of change and suddenly have a lot of work to do after having a relaxing summer, which would be very overwhelming and a bad start to the year.

Doing the essential reading for modules

There’s a lot of reading for English Literature modules so it’s good to start early. I always get a surprise by how long some of the books are. You could end up speed reading a 500 page novel two days before the seminar- so start early! Plus, you never know when you might get invited to the pub or end up doing something fun with your housemates so it’s always better to be prepared.

Getting ahead is also useful because you can just look over a novel when it comes to covering it in seminars and lectures. And, if you end up writing an essay about a book you’ve already read, it gives you the chance to re-read and deeply explore the novel.

Sheffield train station

Revising anything important from last year

This point mainly refers to my Spanish modules but can be applied to any subject! I always like to go over the main grammar points we covered last year to make sure I’m up to date and refreshed when term starts. Similarly with English I read a couple of academic essays before term starts to warm up the critical thinking ready for the new year.

Relaxing and recharging before the new academic year

This is probably the most important part of back to uni prep. Take time to see your loved ones and to care of yourself. Uni can be very stressful and busy so make sure you give yourself the time to rest and recharge. This is essential not only before uni but during term time because you can only perform at your best if you give yourself as much love and attention as your work.

Here’s to the start of a great new year!

– Yzzy (Fourth Year English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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