Conference Season for Sheffield PGRs

Spring is (finally) in the air, and PGRs in the School of English have been busy bees organizing and presenting at conferences, festivals, and other academic gatherings across the country and internationally.

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In mid-April, Kate Gath presented the paper ‘Vaile your Eies’: William Davenant, the Stage and the Disciplining of Sight‘ at Cambridge University’s Discipline and Excess conference.

Val Derbyshire also presented at Cambridge University, at the conference Art/Money/Crisis, which explored the relationship between art and financial crisis, national economies, and the global market. Val’s paper, ‘An Economy of Romance: Romantic Fiction and Financial Crisis’, particularly stands out for tackling Mills and Boon Harlequin Romances –read more about it in the post she wrote last week!

And at the end of April, Moe Shoji co-produced the WROUGHT Festival, a weekend exploring the intimate dynamicsof one-to-one and micro-audience theatre, and featuring performances by a huge array of local and national artists, as well as a panel discussion lead by the School of English’s own Frances Babbage. Check out @WROUGHT_SHEFF for pictures of the events.

Just this past weekend, the PGRs of Sheffield Gothic (@SheffieldGothic) co-organized the two day conference ‘Reimagining the Gothic: Monsters and Monstrosities,’ which examined how the idea of the ‘monster’ has evolved and what role it plays within Gothic literature.

On May 24th, HaCKS (Historical and Contemhacks-hi-res-logo-001porary Knowledgebase in Sociolinguistics), a forum founded by PGRs at Sheffield, Leeds, and York, will be hosting a seminar series at Sheffield on groundbreaking sociolinguistics research by undergraduate, PGR, and early-career researchers. You can still submit a seminar proposal until May 11, see @hacksocioling for details!

 To round out the month of May, Irene Chen will be presenting the paper ‘Prosodic Focus with Post-focus Compressionin Lan-Yin Mandarin‘ at Speech Prosody 2016, held at Boston University.


Congratulations to all of our PGRs for their hard work and creative contributions!

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