A typical day in the life of an SOE student

Morning: I start the day with a coffee and breakfast which for me is usually granola. I like to eat this in bed but open my window so that I can enjoy the view of Sheffield’s hills from my bed. I read whatever book I’ve got on the go which is sometimes one I have to read for my course. After that, I’ll get up and get dressed, do my skincare regime and do a quick yoga routine. This is a new edition which has really helped my mind and body health throughout lockdown. Then I’ll sit down to do some work whether that is reading or writing my dissertation. I use a website called Notion to keep track of my work and have that open all day.

If I have a seminar, I’ll go to my seminar after breakfast and a little work. I try to keep focussed in seminars by keeping my camera on and making sure I have a nice drink with me.


Lunchtime: when lunchtime rolls around I’m usually quite hungry so I’ll make something filling like soup and a cheese toastie or cous cous salad. I’ll watch some YouTube, read a book or watch some Netflix whilst I eat. If I’m watching YouTube it’s because I want a little bit of Spanish so I normally watch Spanish speaking YouTubers such as SuperHolly. TV wise I’ve been watching ‘It’s a Sin’ recently which is great but very sad. After lunch I’ll have a coffee or tea and carry on with some work.

Some days I’ll meet a friend at some point for a little walk around Crookes Valley Park or Weston Park which is probably one of my favourite things to do. If I’m not meeting a friend I try to get out of the house anyway, if that’s going to the park or my fave wholefoods shop down the road, Beanies.

Evening: I finish doing work at 5pm and usually have a shower or do some crafts or reading. Then I’ll have tea at 6pm (I mean the food not the drink!) and sit down to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race with my friend over Netflix Party. After that I’ll find my boyfriend and we’ll watch Desperate Housewives or play a board game followed by a bit of Rocket League. Normally we have cake in the house because I love baking, so I’ll also sneak a slice of that as an evening snack. This week it’s a classic: Victoria sponge :)

Victoria sponge cake

Then I’ll go to bed, one of my favourite times of the day is doing my evening skincare routine, I know that might sound a bit sad but it’s one of the only times I really just close eyes and do something purely for me during the day so I relish that.

-Yzzy (English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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