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box of dry goods, shampoo, detergent for the food bank

The 12th of April came like a ray of warm sun parting through a dark cloud for many. The selective opening of pubs, hairdressers, gyms, and non-essential shops has been a source of joy, showing there may be a little light at the end of the tunnel. We have all come to understand hardship and isolation throughout this past year, acknowledging that we must work together as a community for sustained development. My wish is that we can pass this hope on who need it, through supporting Sheffield’s local food banks…

1 in 5 people live below the poverty line in the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic and previous austerity cuts have funnelled together to exacerbate our rates of homelessness and poverty, which means there are millions of people who struggle to afford to live. The Sheffield S6 food bank is funded by the Trussell Trust, who runs the largest network of the UK’s food banks. It is a wonderful cohort of volunteers, donators who provide three-day emergency food parcels to service users. During the pandemic, user increase has soared; therefore, they are in more need of financial and food donations.

If you can help, here are some steps…

Helping your Local Food Bank:

  1. Food banks know their stuff! Get in contact via phone or email to ask what the most urgent food and amenity needs are, this will help you to be selective in what you buy or find.
  2. Check that ‘Sells by’ Date: Whilst rooting through your cupboards for things to send, make sure you check any sell by dates and the items/ packaging are in good condition. Please do not send anything you would not want to receive.
  3. Box it Up: Make sure you pack up your items in a secure box, so there can be no spillage. Any items you would like to donate such as clothes, books, shoes, and entertainment can be winged over to one of the many wonderful charity shops in Sheffield.
  4. Make it Respectful: Donations to food banks are so vital, especially considering the public shame and stigma around food poverty and homelessness. It can be difficult for the person receiving the aid. This is why it is crucial to be respectful in what you chose to send and when you visit the food bank. We all need help in times of hardship.
  5. The Helpful Drop Off: There are 9 food bank drop off points for this trust throughout the city, check out the website to find locations at

Thank you for any aid you can offer, remember if you are unable to donate then social media engagement is a fantastic way to bring attention to a cause.

– Hannah (Third Year, English and History Student)

Sheffield S6 food bank

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