Day in the Life

Being a student in the school of English can mean a wealth of activities for your day. It looks different for everyone who takes it on, especially in our current moment of UK Lockdown in 2021. I feel that Humanities students can often get a reputation of indifference, this is clearly not biased, of course, but humanities students are some of the most conscientious learners I have met.

For many of us at the School of English, the majority of our typical is ‘day in the life’ is spent behind a computer screen. I usually start my day around 10 AM after some yoga and meditation: attempting to make myself as ‘zen’ as possible before confronting my email box. Checking emails makes the illusion of adulthood just that little bit more real. Preparation work for seminars is my first port of call, this means reading my core texts, making notes, answering questions, watching lectures, and writing online contributions. For each module we are usually asked to work about 2-5 more hours of prep work – for myself, this does tend to take longer. Slow Reader who takes English Lit – go figure!

person studying at a laptop work station

During the day, I like to use my Notion app to keep in check of my progress. Ticking something off my ‘To-Do List’ is one of the greatest pleasures on these crowded days. Now the seminars, we are currently taking them online so I can jump onto a Google Meet or Blackboard Session at a moment’s notice – no sweaty running to University central. The numbers of contact hours for a third year can range from about 4-8 hours, in this last semester I have approximately 5 ½ hours with two full days without sessions in my timetable. It is a good amount of time to get in contact and spend some alone time on your work.

‘Self- Study’ is the typical day for me as a School of English student, it can be tough. I think what many of us find difficult is gaining the motivation to get along with your degree. Confidence is so important to advancing our skills and patience towards study – to take dedicated time to sit and work. However, some days we do not want to study – even get out of bed. In my typical day, the most crucial part is to take breaks through walks and dedicated time to relax. This could also come in the form of making use of our Tutor Contact Time, speaking to members of the faculty or your tutor to guide you in the best direction.

Finishing my day at around 6:30 PM, I do crave the warm depths of the sofa and a hearty meal. As students, we take on hours of preparation work, seminars, lengthy lectures, and assessments.  In the day to day dredges it is a challenge to see the finish line at the end of the degree – so a typical day is about is throwing yourself into a love of learning in any way you can.

Happy Studying!

-Hannah (Third Year, English and History)

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