What I’m looking forward to when ‘this’ is all over

Flicking through my Instagram feed today I realised just how much I miss normality. Pre-Covid times seem a lifetime ago and my heart aches for things to go back to how they were. But I’m still very lucky to have had some of the experiences I have had whilst at university. So, I thought I’d recap some of my favourites here…

  • Nights out 

My god do I miss nights out. There’s nothing quite like having a drink and dancing with your mates as a break from the world’s craziness. I especially miss going to Roar with the Ultimate Frisbee team. At Roar, every team has their section where they dance so no matter what happened you could always find a friend to dance with. I miss the shout outs and the small room. But most of all I miss being able to see all the friends I’ve made at uni, oh and Roary too of course. Last time I went to Roar was near my anniversary with my boyfriend and my best friends got us a shout out which was so lovely. It was kit Roar which means we all wore our frisbee kits out which is the BEST because you don’t get too hot and sweaty, am very comfy and it’s easy to spot your mates. 

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  • Sports
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I would literally do anything to be able to play a game of frisbee right now. Sports are such a great way to destress, meet new people and have a laugh so I really miss my team right now but am so lucky to have had great experiences with them. The picture above is from when we went to women’s regionals in Nottingham and we came 8th in the country. I remember feeling so proud of us not just because we did well but because we all became better friends and gave it our all. 

  • Cafes 
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Coffee Revs I love you!!! Located in the SU, Coffee Revs is easily one of my favourite places on campus. It is a lovely café with great vegan options, lovely coffee and yummy cake. It’s one of my favourite places to meet friends and study and I can’t wait for it to open again. 

  • Holidays
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I’m lucky that my degree has taken me to amazing places. I went to Barcelona and Mexico on my year abroad, have been to Italy with my sports team and Amsterdam with the English Society. Uni is a great time to travel due to the support offered by the uni and discounted group trips with societies.

-Yzzy (English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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