January Dread With a Hint of Lockdown

Most students feel that familiar dread when embarking on the January assessment time; this year as we know it better with an extra bit of spicy National Lockdown thrown in the mix.

My Recipe for the January Semester:

  • 10 hefty spoons of screen time.
  • A handful of frustration (if required, add a good cry).
  • 5 small spoons of daytime snacking.
  • Throw in few teaspoons of catch-up vents with friends.
  • Spice it up with a variety of rest days and study breaks.
  • A Sprinkling of demotivation and urge to throw your work out of a window.
  • Finally, complete it all off with a dusting of relief when an assessment is finished.

It feels somewhat superficial to give out a daft ‘recipe’ when I am struggling under a mountain of work. Right now, it is difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I understand how disheartening and challenging this part of the semester can be. What I want the students to understand is that you are not alone in this crisis. 

Students can use their voice and collectively stand together to change this situation. Contact the English department, your student officers and especially student reps. We will be here to talk about your experience with open ears to make a change.  I am a fresh new student rep, if you would like a chat and to voice your concerns, my email is hdibble1@sheffield.ac.uk

In these chaotic, with all the uncertainty and backwards steps, I would love to offer a heartfelt well done to every single student – new and old. You have all done an incredible job so far. It deserves a reward – so I have left below the recipe for these divine crinkle cookies. Stay safe everyone! 



– Hannah (Third Year English and History)

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