Why Sheffield Inspires Me

“Yorkshire people are first and foremost friendly and we do things without much fanfare. We are understated and love the countryside here.” – Alistair Brownlee

Sheffield is one of the smaller cities of the north but should not be underestimated because of this. Its rolling hills make me grateful to study in such a green, vibrant, homely city.

I love that thanks to these hills I can always see campus, where I have learnt and grown for the past two years. These views always make me feel better on a rainy morning down to a lecture and inspire me.

Students in Weston Park

The School of English inspires me too. The options are so varied and interesting meaning you can choose a unique and stimulating course. I have relished the opportunity to learn about things I never thought of before. Biblical literature and Animals in Literature are just some examples. The staff from lecturers to PHO students are all passionate and friendly making me feel supported all the way.

To prospective students I would say follow your instinct. Visit all your potential options for university so you can really make an informed decision. It is important to know you really love the vibe of a place not just it’s ranking. Make sure you can explore new things whilst at university whether that is academically or socially so that being there is a valuable learning experience for you as a person and a student.

Good luck! – Yzzy (Fourth Year English Literature and Hispanic Studies)

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